PwC Cyber Services LLC

PwC Cyber Services LLC

PwC Cyber Services LLC offers a comprehensive suite of cyber security services against the ever-evolving cyber security threat landscape. In collaboration with the PwC global network, our cyber security experts and researchers are abreast of the latest trends. Breaking away from conventional "defense-oriented" security measures, our focus is to enable your company to achieve "resilient security" in today's business environment where cyber attacks are considered inevitable.

Corporate Profile

Company Name

PwC Cyber Services LLC


Susumu Adachi, Chief Executive Officer

Yuji Hoshizawa, Chief Operation Officer


Toshio Nawa, Chief Technical Advisor

Office Location

Otemachi Park Building,
1-1-1, Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0004


Overview of Our Services

Research on cyber security, providing research results

  • Research on cyber attack technology
  • Research on malware and other attack tools
  • Investigation of malicious program behavior

Evaluation on cyber security, providing support

  • SOC benchmark evaluation

Providing cyber security services

  • Incident response advisory service
  • Incident response service
  • Advanced SOC service

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