Global Innovation Factory - Generating and Accelerating Innovation

Global Innovation Factory (GIF) is a professional service offering that assists companies to generate and accelerate innovation through creation and development of new products, new services or new business models. GIF utilizes a methodology known as the "Breakthrough Innovation Framework", developed by PwC through its global professional services network, to deliver a comprehensive suite of services from defining business strategy and goals to implementing the business plan.

GIF collaborates with PwC's Global Innovation Team, also known as centre of innovation, to assist individual businesses in driving innovation within corporate organisations, as well as regional governments and industry alliances in revitalizing regional economy. Through partnership with innovative businesses, universities, research institutions and NPOs across Japan, GIF is able to leverage specialized knowledge and advanced technology to provide a diverse and open environment for innovation. Furthermore, GIF aspires to be PwC’s innovation leader by introducing a work style that emphasizes innovative organization management practice, encourages diversity, and be early adopters of advanced technologies.

Global Innovation Factory Generating and Accelerating Innovation

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