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The following is a series of briefings on fraud within the general insurance industry. We deliver here, in an easy-to-read format, PwC's perspectives on fraud issues affecting the general insurance industry and how these may be addressed and/or mitigated.  

  • Could Fraud Be Eroding Your Profit Margin?
    The spectre of fraud always looms over the insurance industry but the economic recession has heightened the cost of fraud to the industry. Our paper examines how fraud can damage your business and ways in which you can fight back.
  • Fraudulent Relationships in General Insurance
    The complex nature of insurance transaction processing, including the extent of reliance on third party service providers, such as assessors, brokers, et. al., makes insurance companies highly susceptible to fraud within and along its value chain. Our paper examines these relationships and suggests actions which may be taken to reduce your exposure in this area.
  • Is Management Out of Control?
    Our research shows that a significant proportion of internal fraud is committed by middle and senior management. You may think you have good internal controls but are they good enough to control management?

Fraud Risks & Controls Seminar

Further to our highly successful seminar on Fraud Risks Controls - a focus on general insurance industries, please find available for download the slides of the presentations made at the event, as well as a copy of Top Insurance Industry Issues. We hope you find these documents of great value.

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