The PwC KYC Centre of Excellence

Transforming your client onboarding process

A better onboarding experience

PwC's Know Your Customer (KYC) Centre of Excellence (CoE) is a utility solution that provides consistently high-quality client identification and verification checks and continuous screening, improves and enhances the customer experience whilst reducing the KYC administrative burden and the associated time and cost.

The utility centralises and streamlines your KYC process, providing a standardised and efficient client service that can be up to 30-50%* faster and 20-40%* cheaper.


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The PwC KYC CoE core service offering

The responsibility for client onboarding decisions will remain with the requesting FI; The KYC CoE provides standardised information enabling an informed onboarding decision. The CoE will not contact your client directly. All communication with the requesting FI is performed via the secure Web portal.

New clients

  • Identification and verification (ID&V) of key controllers, ultimate beneficial owners (UBOs)
  • Politically exposed persons (PEP’s), Sanctions and Adverse news screening (with discounting)´
  • Enhanced due diligence (EDD)
  • Order management and tracking through a secure PwC web portal

Existing clients

  • Refresh of customer profiles in line with risk rating
  • Overnight screening

Other services available upon request

  • Source of funds and source of wealth checks
  • Design and implementation of your overall KYC target operating model
  • Review of Anti-Financial Crime (AFC) policies and procedures
  • AFC technical advice
  • Pre-onboarding remediation for existing clients to be taken on by the CoE

Key features

All checks and deliverables are carried out to a consistent high standard in line with GFSC requirements

The CoE better informs your risk assessment and client onboarding decision

You retain all aspects of the management decision to accept and onboard a particular customer

Our secure Web Portal will enable you to easily track progress and understand likely completion dates

The KYC checks are carried out by dedicated PwC staff in Poland and Alderney using a secure online platform. All data is stored on secure servers in Guernsey already used by PwC

Only authorised individuals will be able to access the Web Portal to view results and download KYC Data

All customer types can be covered, from individuals to complicated trusts based anywhere in the world

Where possible the CoE will utilise existing KYC checks already carried out on participating customers, subject to customer consent

Main benefits

Enhanced customer experience. Your customers can expect a quicker and more efficient client onboarding process.

Data is securely stored on servers used by PwC in Guernsey ensuring the highest standards of data security and privacy.

FIs retain responsibility for all direct customer contacts and ultimate customer onboarding.

PwC will leverage its dedicated experienced resources to help ensure the highest quality and efficiency of checks carried out.

Generation of a standardised output meeting all relevant GFSC requirements.

Daily monitoring against PEP/sanction lists and periodic delta screening against negative news.

Advanced workflow technology is estimated to be 30%-50% faster.

Membership and usage based fees, with low cost ongoing maintenance and support fees – estimated to be 20%-40% cheaper.

The process


Our technology capabilities

  • A PwC proprietary technology enabled process that provides on-going data reporting and documented audit trail of all KYC checks
  • Dedicated PwC portal with restricted access and tailored workflow technology accessible only by authorised individuals and enabling an efficient straight through process
  • Provision of globally patented customer validation and authentication solution that is not reliant on customers digital or geographical footprint
  • The solution performs provides a two or three-way authentication process using biometric facial recognition
  • Utilisation of PwC and third party global search engines that provide relevant and up to date customer information


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