Project and programme management

It is not necessarily what organisations do but how they do it that makes them successful and establishes their competitive advantage. Why does one organisation survive and the other slide into irrelevance? Why does another organisation not only survive but thrive? The answer, again and again, tends to be linked directly to how they design and manage their projects. Furthermore, understanding how to best implement change and bring an organisation and its people along together is key to a project’s success.

We have a strong proven track record of being able to help local organisations with both Project and Programme Management (PPM), recognising the need to integrate organisational change and project management. But what do we mean by ‘PPM’?

Project Management looks to apply knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to project activities, to meet project requirements; whereas Programme Management ensures a group of related projects are managed in a coordinated way to obtain benefits and control not available from managing them individually. The skills required for each can be similar but each has its own unique challenges and obstacles that can result in the need for using experienced and skilled ‘PPM’ professionals.

In fact, the need for effective project management along with experienced and skilled project management professionals is more prevalent now than ever. Organisations are continually looking to ensure project success given the quantitative and qualitative costs involved in failure. Due to the integrated nature of businesses, it is vital that projects are delivered on time, to budget, meeting client expectations on quality and fitting within the strategic drive and objective of the programme.

By way of example, in your own organisation you may be facing the following:

  1. The need for the implementation of new processes and systems, potentially involving outsourcing
  2. A proposed or recent merger or acquisition
  3. An organisational drive for Operational Excellence and the need to meet defined global policies and procedures
  4. The need to change as a result of regulatory changes.

Whatever the driver, having the right ‘PPM’ in place to understand your business, as well as the local and global market environment, is essential. This, coupled with securing the relevant skills and experience, is fundamental to ensuring success.

We will help you to design, manage, and deliver your projects and programmes from the outset and avoid the painful repercussions of failure. We have locally based expert resources who will work with you in a collaborative manner and be the valued and trusted advisors you require.

From providing independent Project Assurance for ongoing projects through to management of end-to-end solutions, PwC CI are ready to help you and your business through the challenges and obstacles that project and programme delivery can present.

How we can support you:

  • Develop and implement appropriate project plans, structure and governance to ensure successful execution and delivery
  • Drive forward and manage stalled or failing projects
  • Understand your business and IT needs and identify next steps for a successful implementation
  • Work collaboratively to understand your project demands and develop a delivery plan
  • Conduct Project Assurance Reviews, providing you with independent analysis and insightful progress updates
  • Leveraging comprehensive methodologies and frameworks based on sound Programme and Project Management principles and proven management practices, which are aligned with industry standards
  • Direct access to locally based highly skilled subject matter experts
  • Global connectivity by leveraging our global network when required

Whatever the project, by taking the time to really understand your business and the challenges you are facing, PwC CI, supported by our global network of PPM expertise will help you achieve your strategic goals, by delivering successful projects that work specifically for you and your business. We look forward to talking to you about next steps

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