People and change

Managing people through change requires applying knowledge, skills, tools and techniques specifically focused on people in order to achieve results. The unique challenges in this particular area resulting from organisational change require objective and experienced change management professionals to effectively drive change and meet business objectives.

While it is sometimes called the “soft” side of change, managing the people aspect is often the most challenging and critical component of an organisational transformation. Great leaders will tell you that change only sticks when the people it affects are involved in bringing the change about. Why? It’s because solid strategies, processes and technology alone do not deliver results. It’s the people who must accept, drive and sustain change to bring lasting benefits to an organisation.

In our local market, we see organisations merging, acquiring and restructuring. Regulatory and compliance requirements are increasing and putting pressure on organisations to work and think in different ways. Processes and systems are being upgraded to improve operational effectiveness and support change initiatives.

By way of example, in your organisation you may be facing the following:

  1. A transaction necessitating major business and people change
  2. Transformation of your service delivery in Finance, IT or HR
  3. Reorganisation of your business processes to better meet customer needs or to reduce costs
  4. A need for new skills or a shift in ‘hearts and minds’ in order to make your change programmes work long term

We help clients drive and manage projects and programmes focusing on the people side of change to achieve performance and business objectives.

How we can support you:

  • Deliver baseline understanding as to the readiness of your organisation for change
  • Work collaboratively to develop or review your overall change management strategy
  • Recommend stakeholder engagement and communication strategies to close gaps
  • Ensure integration of change management into overarching project plans and programmes
  • Review and recommend organisational structures and designs to support change
  • Align your change programme and performance metrics to ensure people are being rewarded for working in new ways and change is embedded in the organisation
  • Support leadership in managing and driving change plans forward
  • Assist in developing and deploying appropriate training programmes
  • Provide international expertise and local market experience to ensure best practice

Whatever the project, PwC are ready to invest in long-term relationships to help you design, manage and execute lasting change. We look forward to talking to you about next steps.

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