Game of Threats™

Responding to cyber threats - how prepared are you?

Educating the Board on cyber security threats

In a fast-moving, interconnected world, cyber risks are growing and business leaders need to identify and protect what is most crucial for their organisations.

Leading the cyber security strategy - and understanding and preparing for attacks - starts at the top with the Board.

Board members might recognise the reputational, financial and regulatory impacts of a cyber security breach on their business. But it's critical to know how to prepare for a cyber incident, where the threat might come from and how to respond in the face of a potentially high-profile attack.

PwC's Game of Threats™ is a unique way to help educate and raise awareness of cyber security - helping organisations experience the key decisions that need to be made during a cyber attack.

What is Game of Threats™?

Game of Threats™ is a head-to-head digital game that simulates the experience of executives when their company is targeted by a cyber attack. During the game, participants play as both attackers and defenders, working against the clock and with limited resources in a race to beat their opponents.

Game of Threats™ challenges participants to make quick, high-impact decisions. It helps them to understand the activities that can make the biggest difference and provides valuable insight into emerging cyber threats.

'With a huge increase in targeted cyber security incidents, organisations need to have confidence that they have appropriate security in place that will enable them to defend and respond to attacks.'

Alex Petsopoulos Financial Services Cyber Security Partner, PwC

Features from the Game of Threats™


Threat actor (attacker) and company teams each have their own iPad controller. They see the impact of their decisions in real-time on a shared monitor.

Game play replicates real world challenges

Actions are designed around the concept of a shuffled deck of “virtual cards” displayed onscreen. Players can encounter different options every time they play.

Detailed play by play summary

PwC moderators provide a detailed summary of each game, reviewing both teams’ strategy, actions and missed opportunities.

Game of Threats™

Game of Threats™ is a head-to-head digital game that simulates the experience of executives when their company is targeted by a cyber attack. Game of Threats™ provides players with the opportunity to familiarise themselves with cyber terminology, assess their readiness for cyber incidents and explore the strategies to deal with them.


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