Value is high on every corpate agenda. It could be in a business, a brand or a bonus plan; about investment, impairment or intangibles; needed for a takeover, transfer pricing or tax assessment. Valuation can be controversial and subjective so you need an independent opinion which will stand up to scrutiny.

Every valuation includes a figure. But a figure on its own may not tell the whole story or take the decision for you. Valuation isn't valuation without expert analysis and understanding of the facts behind the figures.

Every day, businesses turn to PwC for robust business valuation advice covering all the angles. As you would expect from PwC, what we provide is an informed, expert judgement backed by deep industry knowledge.

Are you weighing up an investment opportunity? Looking to agree a valuation with tax authorities? Or seeking a valuation for accounting purposes? Whatever the issue, we'll add our judgement to yours, to help you take the right decisions.

Potential issues

  • You are planning on conducting a merger, an acquisition or re-structuring the organisation
  • You need to value your intangible assets, e.g. brands, goodwill, intellectual property, for tax purposes or financial reporting requirements e.g. International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • You want to transfer assets within the organisation and need to understand the value
  • You have a dispute and need to negotiate with HM Revenue & Customs to maximise tax benefits
  • You have insufficient in-house valuation expertise or resources

How we can support you

  • Evaluating major investment decisions to improve business value
  • Maximising tax benefits
  • Delivering rigorous financial, economic and strategic advice to improve the value of the organisationProviding expert valuation opinion and reports from industry specialists for disputes and arbitration
  • We have extensive experience of addressing valuation issues such as impairment reviews under UK GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS

PwC's valuations services include

  • Valuations of unlisted companies, businesses, shareholdings, goodwill, know-how, brands and other intangible assets
  • Valuations for regulatory purposes
  • Independent Expert Valuation opinion - evidence and reports
  • Fairness opinions
  • Purchase Price Allocation for IFRS, UK and US GAAP
  • Impairment review of assets for IFRS, UK and US GAAP
  • Complex valuations including highly-leveraged businesses and international projects
  • Investment decision analysis
  • Maximising tax benefits for individuals and organisations.

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