Banking Banana Skins 2014

Every two years, PwC sponsors the global Banking Banana Skins survey, conducted by the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI).

The 2014 survey, launched on 29 April 2014, describes the risk outlook for the banking industry at the turn of the year 2014 - a time when the global economy and its banking system were recovering from the financial crisis. It could be described as the first post-crisis Banking Banana Skins survey since it shows, for the first time in seven years, a decline in the level of anxiety about the condition of the banking system.

Based on over 650 responses from 59 countries, the survey, aimed at senior executives in the banking industry, identifies high level issues where the banking industry may be vulnerable.

Regulation and political interference topped the list of risks among the global banking industry (No.1 and No.2 respectively) – replacing 2012’s leading threat, the macro-economic environment.

 Top 10 risks for 2014
(2012 results in brackets)

1. Regulation (6)
2. Political interference (5)
3. Macro-economic environment (1)
4. Technology risk (18)
5. Profitability (7)
6. Pricing of risk (11)
7. Credit risk (2)
8. Corporate governance (9)
9. Criminality (24)
10. Capital availability (4)

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