Performance Improvement Consultancy

We help organisations, of all shapes and sizes, to continuously evolve and adapt in the face of a constantly changing and increasingly complex environment. We help our clients react with agility to opportunities and threats by delivering ongoing performance improvements to allow them to gain and protect competitive advantage.

Our pragmatic and focused approach means that we agree scope up-front and stick to it to deliver the benefits our clients want, on time. Our clients demand real, quantifiable benefits, based on a full understanding of the wider business and commercial implications of their choices.


In today's complex environment finance executives need to balance four main objectives:

  • The creation, maintenance, and protection of value for their organisation
  • Operational excellence through efficient and effective processes and controls
  • The identification, anticipation and mitigation of risks to the organisation
  • The development and maintenance of governance and reporting systems in support of the other three objectives

We are able to support finance executives in their work to deliver value and excellence, improve governance, control and reporting, as well as mitigating key risks.

Potential issues

You need help evaluating key value creation initiatives, such as:

  • Does it make sense to consolidate functional operations into shared service centres?
  • How should revenue generating initiatives be evaluated and tested?
  • Will a proposed outsourcing solution really deliver the benefits claimed, and how can you secure the benefits?
  • You would like some help knowing which processes can be changed to deliver lower costs and much more effective results
  • You would like to make sure that the organisation is delivering all of the new requirements to meet IFRS, Dodd Frank, AIFMD, or FATCA, while remaining efficient and effective
  • You would like some help to make sure that your organisation has identified all of the major risk factors and developed appropriate control and mitigation mechanisms
  • You would like to be sure that your governance and reporting systems are working properly
  • You would like some help to assess the technical and operational skills of your finance team and create programmes to ensure that the team is adequately developed

How we can support you

  • Best practice knowledge and benchmarks drawn from our extensive client experiences and Global Best Practice service
  • Membership of a network of fellow external finance professionals maintained and hosted by PwC
  • Viewpoints and White Papers providing original thought leadership on financial management


To grow and improve profitability, organisations need to focus on business efficiency - reducing costs, improving operations and making the best use of assets.

We help clients identify where their major cost and value drivers are, and work with them to assess how they can be better managed. Our analysis addresses the benefits and risks of optimising costs and value, in both internal processes and external relationships with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

Having identified the opportunities for improvement we help clients execute their improvement programmes to realise the benefits and help them develop effective operations.

Policy and economics

PwC combines a wide range of policy and economics skills with experience in public sector work to provide insights into key government policy issues such as sustainability, economic development and regeneration. With a thorough knowledge of the way governments operate, our multidisciplinary teams also work at the interface between government departments and the private sector. We support clients through all stages of the policy life cycle, from research, options reviews and feasibility studies to policy evaluation.

The PwC Channel Islands firm works with the PwC UK policy & economics team, over 150 staff who provide evidence based policy advice to large government and public sector clients, both in the UK and internationally. Together we work for CI and UK clients across central and devolved government, transport, education, housing and healthcare, as well as for overseas governments, the EU and international financial institutions such as the World Bank. In addition, the PwC UK Macro-economics Unit provides advice to clients on the implications of major economic and social trends and policy developments.


We help our clients in driving value from technology. Clients rely on our expertise to help them position, change, manage and source their technology services. Our experts have capabilities that include project, financial and IT management, risk management, systems controls, data management, outsourcing, regulatory requirements and security.

Using a combination of our industry, technology and financial knowledge, and the expertise of our senior advisers, we can deliver strategic thinking around the latest IT operating models supported by our analytical tools, methods and consulting skills.

In particular we have developed and delivereda number of unique accounting solutions to local issues. These include an automated bank reconciliation platform and an IT accounts preparation package which deals with a huge variety of Channel Islands funds, companies, trusts and captives. The package not only produces tightly controlled primary statements, (page numbers, automatic casting etc) it also provides the related disclosure and notes updated annually to take account of industry changes. The package is called Value Financials and it’s provided through a partnership between the PwC New Zealand and the PwC Channel Islands firms, working closely with Caseware in Canada. We believe we have a global solution for a local issue. We have dedicated specialists in the Channel Islands firm and would encourage you to ask us for a demonstration and examples of our feedback from local users.

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