Payroll has historically been seen as a low risk function where issues rarely trouble the higher levels of management. To that extent you probably haven’t given it a great deal of management time and attention. However, this area has become increasingly complex for employers of all sizes and many find themselves struggling with the increasing complexity and global nature of payroll. That’s where PwC can step in and help your organisation get payroll right in what’s now an ever-changing and very complex regulatory environment.


About us

We’ve invested significantly in our people, processes and systems to develop a unique approach to manage the challenges of payroll. Using our extensive knowledge in the payroll industry and feedback from our clients, we tailor every payroll engagement to ensure it’s relevant and provides value for each specific organisation.

At the heart of our team are qualified and experienced payroll specialists who combine practical experience with the latest industry knowledge. We keep up to date with evolving payroll legislation so that you don’t have to, and provide access to specialist knowledge that helps keep your organisation compliant and well informed.

Our payroll team is in place and ready to support you, with a designated payroll professional to manage your account from the outset, and an operations manager to oversee quality and responsiveness. This, combined with good continuity of knowledge and experience of operating similar payrolls, will help deliver the smooth efficient service you demand.

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How we’re making payroll pay

We look at the payroll function and processes through a number of lenses, based upon the challenges that your organisation currently faces.

  • We help define your payroll challenges and give you direction
    Working with you to uncover your payroll challenges in greater detail and agreeing a robust scope of services aligned to your needs.
  • Design a tailored payroll process that is efficient and compliant
    Helping you challenge your current approach and implementing innovative best practices and processes that can offer better control.
  • Deliver a seamless transition to PwC and add greater value
    Providing a hassle-free transition which adds value right from day one, with detailed guidance provided on how your new payroll solution will work.
  • Assign a PwC professional to manage your payroll operations
    This professional will manage your end to end payroll process, prepare reports, statutory filings and facilitate accurate payment to your employees and third parties.
  • Help keep your organisation compliant and well informed
    Keeping you up to date with the latest industry trends and legislation, this knowledge will allow you to make more informed decisions.

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Giving you peace of mind

PwC provides an unrelenting focus on quality, accuracy and consistency:

  • All payroll runs are subject to a monthly 4–eye review.

  • We have designed processes that automate and simplify the payroll activity wherever possible.

  • All client data is either stored in high security cabinets in our secure, access controlled, payroll safe or encrypted and stored on mirrored servers, located in access controlled, server rooms on site and off site.

  • Our payroll system is specifically designed for Channel Island companies.

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The services we offer

Our team of highly experienced, skilled and qualified payroll professionals provide an unparalleled range of services including:

  • Multi-jurisdictional payroll
  • Guernsey and Jersey payroll
  • Shadow payroll
  • Electronic payroll facility
  • Tax, Social Insurance and Manpower Compliance filings
  • Payroll reconciliation
  • Payroll health checks
  • Financial reporting
  • Payroll consultancy

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