How Robotics & AI drive us embracing a new Intelligent Experience Economy

The Relevance and Emotional Lace

2017 is when machines start taking over. With a need to transformation more acute than ever, the time is now to decide what your future looks like.
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The Internet reinvented our economies over the last 20 years.  Now Artificial Intelligence and Robotics may prove in an even stronger business and social revolution.  The way we – customers – interact with technology is changing, again.  Anyone is embracing new ways to communicate: chat and voice interaction are booming, with terrific triple digit growth rates.

Messaging apps have recently surpassed social media usage and the vast majority of people would consider messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business or brand: a general game, where Millenials are leading. 

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning technology advances are completely reshaping this "conversational agents" market in a few months.  

At the same time humanoid robots – such as SoftBank Pepper – are closing an historical gap between the online and physical world, enforcing a new way to interact with customers: with emotion, empathy and relevance.  

Our Holobotics Experience model combines Robotics, AI and IoT: business relevance and emotional impact blended through an artistic lace.




Welcome to the Intelligent Experience Economy!


Our 2017 PwC Total Retail report, at its 10th edition, points out how consumers confer great importance to innovative store services, being the physical sales point still the privileged purchase channel:

  • 73% want a sales assistant able to perfectly explain a product;
  • 70% desire real-time and personalised offers;
  • 65% require the ability to quickly check the availability of a product in another physical or online store;
  • 57% would like to be presented an extensive range of products on a screen and order it at a selling point.

While these first consumer desires are perfectly fitting a service robotics offering, global retailer companies claim that the most important 2017 investment area will be to develop a new store experience.

What more than a humanoid robot?



Integrating the online and physical worlds has never proved easy. Humanoid robotics fills this historical gap: combining them within a new emotional digital ecosystem.

Our Holobotics Experience Model reflects the benefits resulting from a future-proof unique conversational engine, robot-independent.  We call it ANIMA.
ANIMA stands for Automated Network Intelligence for Multiple Access: a single hybrid intelligence layer, integrated with AI services, that is able to manage both physical robots and virtual chatbots.  A flexible and cost effective “holistic” approach. 



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