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Let us help you build trust in your food

Trust is the element that regulates relations between different subjects, both personally and in business. Our brand is built on trust. We have always worked with businesses, helping them to grow, improving their processes and systems in order to increase their value – for the sake of themselves and their trusting clients. The issue of trust is so crucial, especially when it comes to food – consumer confidence in foodstuff they choose to purchase, confidence in the brand and the company that makes or sell it. Also, trust that these manufacturers or distributors must reciprocate, one another, as players in the same supply chain.

The Food Trust Programme intends to contribute with ideas, methods, technologies and solutions to document, validate, strengthen and enhance the concept of identity of food that, as businesses, farmers or consumers, we treat every day – with the stated purpose of increasing its appreciation and trust.


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How we can help to enhance trust in food

The definition and adoption of new models of cooperation in business supply chains, which can be executed with the help of advanced dematerialization technologies, allow monitoring and recording the history of the product as it unfolds. Thus, the digital transformation of the agri-food business builds on the adoption of tools that can "watch" the product as it comes to life, capturing details and characteristic events, to the point where its accomplished dematerialised representation is built – the product’s faithful digital twin. On this entity it then becomes possible to execute a motley and unprecedented set of actions – analysis, information retrieval, knowledge creation, communication and storytelling.

PwC provides its rich multidisciplinary expertise, in combination with assisting in the process of digital transformation, made possible thanks to our exclusive digital platform.

PwC has identified Food Trust as a strategic theme for the future and Penelope’s ValueGo® as the IoT technology platform of choice.

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