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Fraud, irregularities and improper or illicit behaviour are among the biggest and most damaging risks businesses face. Instances of corporate fraud are common in both the private and public sectors and are often extensively reported in the media.

The impact can be enormous. Our recent Global Economic Crime Survey 2014 revealed that one third of respondents had been the target of financial crime in the past 12 months, and of those almost 1 in 5 had suffered financial losses of between 1 and 10 million dollars.

In addition to financial loss, organisations face reputational damage, penalties which damage the business (such as disbarment from tendering), deterioration of commercial relations, loss of motivation of staff and so on.

How we can help

In a global market with growing legal and regulatory requirements combined with an increasingly active approach by regulators in combating fraud, fraud and irregularity investigation requires a professional, independent and accurate approach.

Fraud and wrongdoing are often detected suddenly or accidentally, catching organisations unprepared. Dealing with suspected fraud takes up time and resources, not always available in house, which do not ensure the performance of accurate and confidential investigations.

Experience, accuracy, a critical spirit and discretion are the characteristics that differentiate our professional team.

The Investigation team of PwC Forensic Services comprises specialized professionals who have considerable investigative experience, local insight and knowledge of specific industries and sectors, together with relevant laws and regulations.

We help our clients address challenges through different activities, such as:

  • investigation of suspicious situations
  • analysis of the fraud event and of its "dimensions"
  • investigation of the subjects involved and determination of responsibilities
  • quantification of the loss
  • identification of other possible weaknesses

We assist legal counsels in defensive investigations following criminal inquiries regarding the organisation or its management and employees.

Moreover, on completion of investigations we help organisations prevent similar events from recurring.

Our investigation tools and techniques include financial and accounting data analysis, checks of legal documents, electronic data analysis, interviews of persons involved, data analytics and data mining techniques and so on.

We perform each investigation in a different way according to the context, but our permanent features are discretion, as we always keep our investigations confidential, and preserving evidence with a view to possible future action.

Some of the situations we deal with on a daily basis are:

  • asset misappropriation
  • infringement of laws, industry regulations or corporate procedures
  • illeciti, conflitti di interesse, collusioni e pratiche contrarie ai principi etici nelle relazioni commerciali
  • illicit acts, conflicts of interests, collusion or unethical business practices
  • accounting irregularities and manipulation which alter the economic and financial situation
  • breaches of contract and commercial fraud
  • corruption and creation of slush funds

Every time an organisation has to perform internal investigations about critical situations or suspected violations, it has to choose whether to use its own staff or external professionals. We are market leaders in forensic investigation and we can count on investigation and criminology experts and Certified Fraud Examiners. We intervene promptly and we know how to manage critical situations in a discrete and professional way, assisting you not only in establishing and analysing facts but also in making the operating environment and information secure, in order to reduce the current and future impact of the fraud. We help you understand responsibilities, quantify the damage, and plan responses and structural remediation measures.