Forensic technology

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Information is now stored almost exclusively electronically, therefore organisations must develop increasingly specific competencies in line with the development of technology. Less advanced IT systems are unable to deal with critical situations and incidents that create an immediate need for data to be analysed, produced and preserved.

How we can help

The Forensic Technology Team at PwC Forensic Services helps clients secure and manage vast amounts of electronic data and processes arising from critical events, such as:

  • litigation, where it is key quickly to catalogue all relevant information for the purpose of legal action
  • requests for clarifications and controls by regulators, requiring the analysis of large volumes of data
  • internal investigations, to substantiate allegations made against competitors or employees through the analysis of electronic communications and other data.

Our core areas of expertise are:


Analysis of unstructured data, such as emails, office documents, photographic images, audio recordings etc.).

We help our clients and their legal counsels map, manage and process data during legal proceedings or during specific investigations.

Over the years we have developed a strong methodology to ensure the traceability of data, indispensable in court, and automatic procedures to operate in efficiently and securely.

Moreover, thanks to our web-based platform, all the parties involved in a project, such as legal counsels employees, international work teams, can search and consult the data collected securely, also remotely. Using the tools we have developed helps our clients make diversified analyses and understand information immediately, so as to make informed decisions promptly, at limited cost.

Data Analytics

Analysis of structured data such as accounting data, data extracted from databases and from accounting systems. Data analytics allows the detection of potential fraud, better informed decision-making processes and promote the implementation of anti-fraud systems. Our services are tailored to our clients' needs: we perform basic analyses or develop advanced statistic models, depending on the problems to be dealt with.

We can take different approaches to the job at hand:

  • reactive: we specialise in processing, combining and reconciling data in order to highlight known issues, to help our clients manage critical situations quickly, as in a complex investigation
  • proactive: exploring unknown phenomena through preventive investigations makes it possible to prevent possible future damaging events and identify future critical situations

Thanks to our Forensic Technology laboratories, equipped with the most up-to-date and secure solutions, and thanks to our centres of excellence we are able to meet your requirements as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Our professionals are not bound by specific filing and data management formats during internal investigations, in response to systems or network violations, in connection with litigation or to build effective Fraud Continuous Monitoring systems.