Forensic services

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Reputation, a business value to protect

Market positioning and competitive advantage depend largely on your corporate reputation, with customers, employees, the public, judicial authorities and regulators and other companies.

But reputation can be lost with terrifying speed due to many threats: accuses of corruption, loss of corporate assets due to litigation with business partners or competitors or to employees’ illegal behaviour, compromised market trust due to discrepancies in financial data, bad publicity in the media due to suspicious transactions, etc.

Prevention is always the best solution. Every company should know its weaknesses in order to manage the related risks and to reduce the possibility of critical situations arising, mitigating potential damage.

However, if there is a problem, you need a speedy explanation and a structured and credible plan to fix it, in order to protect your reputation.

Corporate fraud is not bound by borders. From highly industrialised to developing countries, wherever there is business there exists the potential for corporate crime. Managing crisis situations entails investigating, analysing and evaluating financial and accounting data, human resources, communications, events, sensitive information, in a complex, changing environment that is subject to laws and regulations, sometimes in more than one jurisdiction.

Are you able to prove you are doing the right thing, observing the rules?

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, it is accepted neither by the media or the public, nor by the courts or regulators. Our investigators and compliance professionals go anywhere and their work withstands scrutiny by both the courts and regulators.

Are you subject to different regulators and work in many cultures?

Multinationals face a complex and growing thicket of overlapping rules, laws and cultural expectations. In emerging markets, the regulatory framework is often unclear. Our international network enables us to involve native speakers who know local business culture and who can help thanks to specific knowledge of the modus operandi of local regulators and law enforcers.

We can help contrast threats to your business, your brand and your reputation, everywhere in the world and at short notice.

Our over 2000 forensic services specialists in more than 50 countries around the world are able to solve a wide range of critical issues which threaten your company, such as: corruption or financial fraud, litigation and commercial disputes, issues related to the protection of intellectual property and licenses, claims for damages, investigations by regulators, IT crimes.

Our global, widespread presence enables us to work in individual countries applying shared approaches and methodologies and using extensive local knowledge (of business procedures, regulatory environment and culture).

Our PwC network can count on specialists with different competences and experience: accountants, financial analysts, technical experts, economists, engineers, anti-corruption and anti-money laundering experts, financial fraud analysis experts, former law enforcers and former regulators. Also thanks to the support of the different lines of service in our organisation, we can offer our clients a complete and diversified range of skills and we are able to investigate all areas of the projects in which we are involved.

Our specialists are our strength; they will help you take appropriate and prompt decisions based on complete and accurate information.