Use Digital Transformation to realize your business evolution

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What is the digital opportunity for your business?

01. Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing & Social Media

How can I capture value from the digital economy?

Getting started with a Digital Diagnostic and Insight Discovery. Then support defining vision and business models that consider people, processes and technologies, through a broader digital knowledge.

02. xCRM, Customer Experience

How can I define an organic, multi channel approach that effectively leverages digital and conventional channels for efficiency and service differentiation?

xCRM is achieved through the integration of customers data and information collected through digital channels (web, mobile, search, etc) and social media/conversational insights. Enhance traditional CRM processes, optimizing benefits with enriched customer KPIs integrated with marketing activities, sales processes and customer service operations.

03. xAnalytics, Big Data

How can I unify data from the digital world and correlating it with more traditional information? How can analytics support me to define more targeted marketing strategies that help increase sales and loyalty?

Develop a "cross", integrated, customer/market insights framework that highlights the value of digital channels, integrating traditional and new, broader online and social multi-channel indicators. Analytics will support decision making into marketing investments.

04. Digital Supply Chain, PLM

05. eCommerce

How can I integrate new sales channels to improve revenues? Could eCommerce represent a significant revenue stream for my business? And should I afford it in a Social Localised way?

Optimize current revenue streams, and discover new revenue models. Understand and exploit advantages arising from Mobile, Social and Localised Commerce, Group and Coupon Shopping.

06. Mobility

How can the growth of mobility support my organisation?

Advise in mobility business and technology solutions for employees and consumers to lower costs and provide value added services (Enterprise Mobile Strategy and Exploitation). Provide endorsement of Mobile Payment platforms.

07. Enterprise Social Network

How can I create a dialogue and share knowledge? How can I optimize the communication within my company?

Support an often disruptive Cultural Change. Define a knowledge management and collaboration architecture, with consideration of social media, that enables improved internal customer engagement.

08. Cloud

How can the Cloud revolution impact my business?

Analyse your business infrastructure and discover potential arising from cloud exploitation. Measure and certify the quality, security and legal compliance of Cloud Services.

09. Digital Agenda