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In the Italian market, retail and consumer companies are constrained in their ability to grow and maintain profit margins as a result of a deflationary operating environment, market saturation, slowing population growth, and more discerning but less loyal customers.

There are concerns of growing competitive pressures, an increase in the number of alternative sales channels, a blurring or roles between suppliers and retailers, and - particularly for consumer product manufacturers - a shift in the balance of power to retailers.

As a consequence, the strategic focus of the sector is moving towards the emerging economies and expanding consumer markets of Asia and Central & Eastern Europe - China and India in particular - which offer new opportunities for growth through global sourcing, off-shoring and the development of modern retailing. According to the 11th Annual Global CEO Survey, retail companies will likely be exploring revenue opportunities by anticipating the needs of customers and identifying new markets and distributions channels - while staying vigilant on costs.

Additionally, the retail and consumer industry is experiencing heightening regulatory pressures, due to stakeholder demands and the resultant Sarbanes Oxley legislation, which imply greater accountability and accuracy in the reporting of financial results under IFRS and US GAAP, as well as the European regulation on Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (REACH) which entered into force on 1 June 2007 and requires increased levels of corporate governance and risk management practices.

PwC Services

We are unique in that we provide industry specific assurance, advisory and tax services to our retail and consumer goods clients.
We work with clients based on analysis, facts and experience, from strategy to implementation, offering end-to-end solutions if necessary and requested.

Why PwC Italy

Our Italian group of more than 300 professionals works with all types and sizes of retail and consumer goods companies - multinationals, domestic companies, privately-owned organisations, family businesses as well as entrepreneurs and private individuals.
We are an integral part of the PwC global retail and consumer practice, on of the largest providers of professional services to the retail and consumer goods sectors, giving our clients access to an international network of knowledge and experience.