Private Equity

View this page in: Italiano The private equity sector is continuously evolving. The economic crisis of the last few years, the pressure of supervising bodies, transparency requirements, the erratic trends of the market and the growing competition requires private equity funds to broaden their activity, looking for new opportunities.

PwC has a consolidated experience with private equity clients, with a proven track record of work done.
Our competencies include fund structuring, transaction origination, execution, completion and post deal services. We work alongside our clients providing support in refinancing and in exiting from investments. Our tax consulting services extends through the entire lifecycle of the private equity funds, from collection to tax due diligence, from structuring to planning the disinvestment.

The main focus for private equity operators during the next few months will be obtaining value from their portfolio. We will provide you with support in maximising the value of the transfer, during the restructuring processes, but also during business acquisitions in times of financial crisis. Our services are structured in a way to assist you also in these situations of crisis, through refinancing, crisis management and cash acceleration services.


For several years now PwC is a strategic partner of AIFI (Associazione Italiana del Private Equity e Venture Capital) with whom we develop important initiatives, such as:
  • Italian Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry Survey: conducted every six months using an online questionnaire, involving those private equity operators present in the Italian market. PwC provides support in the review and the analysis of the data.

  • The economic impact of Private Equity and Venture Capital in Italy: the study looks at the performance of the target companies during a defined holding period (from the year following the acquisition to the year of disinvestment). The research focus is on venture capital, including start up expansion, and the buy-out segment. Find out more

  • Private Equity: scenario, trends and economic impact. Andrea Cabrini, Class CNBC (Director), interviews Innocenzo Cipolletta, AIFI (President), Anna Gervasoni, AIFI (General Manager) and Francesco Giordano, PwC (Partner). Find out more