• New business models
  • Digital Transformation
  • Effective organisational structures
  • Sustainable cost reduction
  • Advertising effectiveness
  • Consumer analytics and measurement
  • Leverage cloud opportunities
  • Deal with accounting issues
  • Managing talent
  • Pursuing Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Managing tax strategies

The industry has been affected by the economic down turn with the even stronger influence of the digitally empowered consumer, with firm ideas of what they will and won’t pay for. Digital is still a challenge and new devices and communication channels continue to change the way we consume media, demanding quality content wherever we are.

We interviewed CEOs in the entertainment and media industry and they think that their business' future growth depends - crucially - on responding to consumer needs and changing their behaviours through innovation in all areas from product to business models. Collaboration within and across digital industries is vital to achieve this. The key element that currently is lacking are the right skills - an important aspect to address in order to stay competitive in the market.

Our research shows that the industry is approaching the 'end of the digital beginning'. Consumers and companies are becoming more comfortable with digital, and business is as usual. Even though there is more clarity around strategic options, we are not there yet: today's challenge is in the implementation of new organisational models that allow companies to integrate traditional and digital businesses and structures.

Helping you manage today’s key issues

As adviser to many of the world's leading entertainment and media companies, we have obtained valuable insights of the key trends and developments driving the industry. In addition, we work closely with our colleagues around the globe but also with our professionals with specific competencies to ensure you get a customised solution to help your business needs and to succeed in a fast changing world and a difficult economy.

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