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2018 Global investor survey: A companion to the 21st CEO Survey


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Over 660 investment professionals gave us their views on global growth, threats to business, trust and the challenges of globalisation and disruption.

This report is a companion to our 21st CEO Survey, which includes interviews with 1,293 CEOs around the world.

Key findings

Global growth

Investment professionals and CEOs both think global economic growth will improve over the next 12 months. However, investors are more cautious about the longer term. They suggest that companies should aim to grow organically and reduce costs.


Concerns about the speed of technological change and cyber threats have increased from last year’s survey. But investment professionals and CEOs differ in their views of to what extent over-regulation, availability of key skills and terrorism will affect company growth prospects.


Investors and CEOs agree that the biggest challenge for companies is the pressure to deliver business results under shorter timelines.  But they disagree on the need for companies to be clear how technology affects customer experience and their responsibility to retrain employees whose jobs are affected by technology.


Investors and CEOs differ in their perception on the declining trust between companies and governments, their workforce and their customers. Investors think that to build trust with the workforce a company needs to be transparent about pay and benefits.  They think trust with customers can be achieved by investing more in cyber security and being transparent on the use and storage of customer data.

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