From strategy through execution, achieve breakthrough innovation and growth

Executives across all sectors are focused on driving growth through a transformation in innovation. Three-quarters of surveyed CEOs see innovation as being at least as important as operational effectiveness to the success of the business. Ninety-three percent of executives are looking to organic growth through innovation as the primary driver of revenue going forward. And the most innovative firms expect to significantly outpace the market, doubling the average growth rate over the next five years.

Do you have the ingredients for breakthrough innovation?

More than just process, technology, organization and talent, leading innovators make themselves Partner of Choice in the ecosystem of great new ideas. Read our CEO Insight about becoming Partner of Choice and find the missing ingredient for breakthrough innovation and growth.

How do you achieve breakthrough innovation and growth?

The most innovative businesses plan to increase revenue growth by nearly double the global average over the next five years.

Find out what makes those companies different in Breakthrough Innovation and Growth, the 2013 PwC Global Innovation Survey.

What does executive leadership expect from innovation?

Read what they told us about the coming transformation of innovation, in Unleashing the power of innovation.

What capabilities do you need to transform how you innovate?

Breakthrough innovation and growth requires a holistic approach, from the right innovation strategy through execution across your business -- and your ecosystem.

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With potential rewards so great, leaders are urgently seeking to upgrade their innovation capabilities. Top innovators today begin with a well-defined innovation strategy. They use sophisticated analytics to identify the best innovation opportunities. They take on a greater proportion of breakthrough and radical innovations, impacting a wider scope of the business – beyond just product innovation to business operations and the business model itself. They use a more formal and structured approach to innovation, have a more diverse set of collaborators and plan to collaborate more than others to harness a greater number of innovative ideas.

Fast-moving organizations are innovating how they innovate. Contact us to find out what sets the leaders apart in achieving breakthrough innovation and growth.