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Keeping up with the pace of change

Understanding & complying with regulatory challenges

All organisations face regulatory challenges, regardless of size or sector. Breaching regulatory obligations can mean sanction and penalties, and can lead to irreparable reputational damage. We believe that a proactive, rather than a reactive, approach to regulatory compliance is the best way to mitigate your risk and protect your organisation.

We use our experience working across regulated sectors in the Isle of Man to develop tailored, practical solutions to ensure your compliance with the regulations that apply to your business.

Potential challenges

Everything comes so fast, how can I hope to keep up?

New legislation can mean considerable change. It can be difficult to find the time or resource to fully assess the impact on your organisation and identify and implement any necessary changes. You may also be unsure whether your systems, processes and controls are robust enough to meet the challenge.

How do I obtain assurance that we’re doing things right, and how do I demonstrate compliance to stakeholders?

Creating and maintaining a visibly strong compliance and control culture is of paramount importance in the financial services industry. Are your governance structures sufficiently transparent, with clear accountability and reporting lines? Effective management of your regulatory and compliance risk is key to ensuring that you comply with the relevant laws and regulations, as well as with group or other internal policies and standards.

How can I satisfy the regulator that we’re taking appropriate action?

If you are facing a regulatory investigation or enquiry, particularly where the integrity of senior management may have been called into question, you may be required to carry out an independent investigation into the facts and the steps you have taken to address the issue. Whether the problem relates to anti-money laundering, sanctions, bribery, fraud and corruption or cross-border taxation, failure to take the right steps could result in reputational damage or financial loss.

“Whilst the SFO is not in the business of giving advice, the best ethics and anti-corruption programmes are surely those which are simply stated, inculcated by training, energetically enforced and lived by all in authority. A thick policy book, carefully lawyered but ignored in practice is as bad as no policy at all”

David Green, Director, Serious Fraud Office


How can we help?

Our working relationships with local, EU and international regulatory bodies provides us with a deep understanding of their requirements helping us advise you how to manage your regulatory risk.

Drawing on our experience of working with regulators, regulated and non-regulated entities our regulatory compliance team can help you and your business overcome the varying challenges regulation brings about. Our services cover:

Regulatory change

We can help you to stay on top of the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape by providing advice, guidance and practical assistance in understanding the impact of new regulations, and helping you to implement necessary changes. Our relationships with local, EU and international regulatory bodies allow us to provide you with a sound and early understanding of any new regulatory requirements.

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Governance and regulatory compliance

Whether it involves the FSA Rulebook, egaming regulations, Anti-Money Laundering requirements, the Bribery Act, or prevention of tax evasion, we can work with you to provide an objective and independent assessment of your current state of compliance, and assist you in creating a holistic governance, risk and compliance framework.

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Regulatory assurance

Our team has a range of experience and expertise in providing regulatory compliance assurance. We can help to provide assurance on the strength of your control environment, the effectiveness of your regulatory compliance controls, or your compliance with an industry code of conduct.

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Regulatory remediation

The effectiveness of any remediation programme lies in its implementation, and any solution must be tailored to your business environment and activities. We can help with:

  • Implementing risk mitigation programmes or effective governance processes
  • Developing the effectiveness of the compliance function
  • Implementing Anti-Money Laundering /Counter Terrorist Financing remediation plans
  • Documenting regulatory compliance processes
  • Carrying out post implementation reviews

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Regulatory intervention

We can help you to prepare for visits by the regulator in the normal course of business. Where an issue has arisen that has led to regulatory intervention, we can support you in dealing with enforcement actions and minimising the impact on your business, customers and reputation.

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