Shaul Ben-Amotz

Shaul Ben-Amotz

Tax Partner 

Real Estate Leader

Office: Tel-Aviv


Shaul Ben-Amotz is a Tax Partner at PwC Israel, and the firm's Real Estate practice leader.

Shaul specializes in issues concerning corporate taxation and controlling shareholders in the traditional and hi-tech industries.

As the leader of the Real Estate practice, Shaul has gained extensive experience in the taxation aspects of this industry as well as commercial aspects such as pricing, margins in various transactions, combination transaction, mezzanine, sales and leasebacks. With respect to taxation issues, Shaul specializes in investment structures for Israeli entities investing overseas and foreign entities investing in Israel as well as dealing with all domestic income tax, property tax, value-added tax and other applicable tax provisions including those of the Investment Encouragement laws.

Shaul represents the Israeli firm at the PwC' European Real Estate desk, allowing direct access to European property experts and a regular flow of tax updates and commercial leads.

Prior to joining PwC, Shaul worked at the Israeli Tax Authorities. In addition, Shaul chaired a committee of the Israel Institute of Certified Public Accountants (ICPA) on Encouragement Laws and Taxes, made numerous presentations in conventions of the ICPA, and published professional papers on a wide range of tax issues. For over ten year, he was a staff member at the Accounting Departments of Tel Aviv University and the Israel College of Management.

Shaul received a BA in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University, and is an Israeli CPA.

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Shaul Ben-Amotz

Tax Partner, Real Estate Leader

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