Reuven Adler

Banking Leader

Office: Tel-Aviv


Reuven is the PwC Israel Banking Leader.

Reuven has accumulated rich experience in his long career as a senior executive in the Israel banking industry. Before joining PwC Israel, he served as a senior deputy CEO of Bank Mizrahi and in this capacity his responsibilities included overseeing the Financial Division that runs the entire financial market trading operation of the bank (trading rooms, providing service to large clients, investment portfolio), the financial management business (managing assets and liabilities of the bank, ALM and monetary management), the Accounting and Financial Statements Department, the Bookkeeping and Budgeting Department, all tax aspects of the bank (tax planning of the bank and the group), the insurance business (banking insurance, officers' liability insurance and elementary) as well as the Planning and Economics Department.

Before that, Reuven served as the Chairman of the board of Bank Tefahot and as a director in companies in the First International Bank of Israel and Mizrahi Bank groups.

In addition, he served as an independent director at Bank Leumi and as the chairman of the audit committee, the financial statements committee and a member of the credit committee and the risk management committee.

He has also provided consulting services on SOX to the Bank Hapoalim group and First International Bank of Israel.
Reuven is a certified public accountant in Israel and holds a degree in Economics and Accounting from Tel Aviv University.