Consulting Group PwC Israel

לצפייה בעמוד זה: עברית

In a global dynamic world, change is a given. Business leaders and investors must calculate their steps carefully. And they need the best advisor by their side. Our team of experts provides professional assistance in those most formative events in the life of a business, and provides the support you need to be successful in those critical processes. We provide a wide range of services: M&A, investment evaluation, restructuring and streamlining, risk identification and management, knowledge and IT management, internal control and compliance.

Our multi-disciplinary teams are highly experienced and boast international knowledge, providing clients the advice and opinion or longer-term support they need to help them take more informed decisions.

Our advisory practice has over 100 experienced experts that will use their rich and diverse expertise and career experience to give you fresh perspectives. Our team includes CPAs, economists, lawyers, MBAs, software professionals and system analysts, information security experts, engineers, etc.

It is our mission to give clients the best value services in supporting them through critical decisions.

The services we provide: