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Delivering Deal Value

    Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) transactions, like other large-scale corporate change, are an excellent opportunity to set a new course and drive sustained economic value for your organization. Every business is different and so too is every M&A transaction. Unfortunately, too many fall short of the expectations set out for them. Our research and experience show that despite the best intentions, carefully developed strategy doesn’t guarantee you’ll realize the value you sought out to achieve. Our cross-functional teams understand the importance of managing the transition so that your post-deal goals are realized.

Our Services

  • Integration
  • Separation / Carve out
  • Due diligence - Operational, HR, IT, Back office
  • JV and Strategic Alliance
  • Taking Control
  • Deal value and synergies analysis
  • Synergy evaluation / capture

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Alan Glenville

Director, Consulting, PwC Israel

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