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Our business world has experienced several years of disruptive global crisis events – natural disasters and hazards, political unrest, changes in power. These types of incidents can’t be controlled, but building your organisation’s resilience and boosting your corporate immune system can help withstand changes and move past crises. When an adverse event strikes, it’s not enough for organisations to just get back on their feet. These are opportunities to stay ahead and be resilient longer term.
In a world where “long-term” means uncertainty and permanent flux, organisations need more than just agility in the way they manage and move on from risk to opportunity. Truly resilient organisations look for the growth opportunities – and have the strategies to capture them.

In Indonesia, organisations are growing exponentially and see themselves faced with increasing demands from stakeholders on the quality of corporate governance, the effectiveness of their risk management, compliance and monitoring mechanisms, including how they have considered business continuity. Although guidance on Good Corporate Governance and regulation that covers establishment of risk management and internal controls, including disaster recovery, we expect more regulation and industry practice to be embedded going forward.


How PwC can help you

Our Business Resilience Team help organisations to protect against, or adapt to, short or long term change with confidence and a plan to mitigate any potential risk scenarios. We can provide support and advice on the following:

  • Implementation and assessment of Good Corporate Governance maturity, 
  • Set up of Corporate Governance structures and monitoring mechanisms needed for the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners to fulfil their duties;
  • Incremental improvements of Enterprise Risk Management framework, including providing assurance on implementation progress. 
  • Re-assessment of risk rating and risk appetite based on changes in business environment
  • Design and implementation of Compliance Management and Monitoring framework
  • Compliance assessments against regulation and stakeholder requirements;
  • Design, implementation and assurance over Business Continuity Management framework which includes development and management of a crisis management plans and responses; and 
  • Design and facilitation of crisis event simulations for Board of Directors, Board of Commissioners and senior management.

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