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Deal Strategy & Operations


We give our clients greater confidence in making strategic decisions on growth, investment and future direction

Strategy is at the heart of good investment decisions, and it is always important to ensure that your decisions are based on objective analysis coupled with deep industry insights.

We can help when you are considering major investments or strategic changes, often in a growth, partnership or acquisition context. Our role is to understand the challenges and opportunities of your specific target markets, to anticipate relevant trends based on fact, not supposition.


Delivering Deal Value

We observed that 90% of investors believe that they create value from their mergers and acquisitions (M&A) but the evidence shows that over two-thirds fail. Almost half of synergies are paid in the purchase price and 60% of acquisitions fail to deliver their synergy targets.

Another challenge we saw that it takes acquirers nine months on average to feel in control and the comment made was “I wish we had started earlier”.

It is clear that corporate and private equity buyers/sellers need to quickly and effectively understand the main business drivers, as well as the key areas of upside opportunity to deliver deal value from transactions as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our Delivering Deal value specialists, with deep industry background and deal focus, ensure that transactions are handled with speed, focus and attention to detail. 

We uniquely offer complete end to end transaction advice and support, providing our clients with connected global thinking to their investment or disposal decisions. 

Our dedicated deal team comprises of functional specialists from industry such as strategy, operation, finance, IT, and HR, ensuring you have the best information and experience to maximise deal value through both pre and post deal phases. 

Our specialists work with flexible approaches, to complement the styles and investment timeframes of our clients, and where appropriate, secure lasting change. Find out more about how our comprehensive range of services, expertise and proven results can help you reach your transaction goals quickly, efficiently and with the maximum value. 

How we can help

Integration is a highly tactical effort. But the tactics need to be implemented in ways that capture and protect the value of the deal. Rapidly converting acquisition strategy into integration strategy is critically important. We’ll work with you to develop an integration roadmap and set of guiding principles to be used to pinpoint and execute a clear integration strategy.

The market will reward or punish shareholders of the combined company depending on how well company management succeeds at achieving the deal objectives. So it’s imperative that synergies get realized, deal value is captured, and the resulting performance is communicated to all those with a stake in the outcome. To execute an integration successfully, you’ll need clear vision, strong leadership, a detailed plan and disciplined program management. We’ll help make sure you have these success factors in place to drive value out of the integration execution.

Keeping track of synergy progress over the course of an integration helps keep employees focused on the right activities at the right times. While responsibility for delivering certain synergies may rest with specific business units and functions, a centralized process and set of tools for monitoring, tracking, and reporting synergies is essential to keep the combined company on task and delivering measurable results. We’ll work with you to apply a disciplined approach to capture deal value, achieve early wins, build momentum and instill confidence among your stakeholders.

We have wide-ranging functional expertise across all industries, with most of our team having worked in frontline operational roles. We have developed globally consistent methodologies which we tailor to support the specific circumstances and deal objectives of the client. Our experience and systematic approach mean that we can pinpoint opportunities that others may miss and quantify their financial potential, while working with what may well be limited access to information. We’ve been involved in many of the largest and multi-faceted cross border deals in recent years. Our hands on experience means we can quickly recognise where the value is and where the potential complexity lies. We won’t waste your time with vague assessments and impractical objectives. Instead, we provide a tangible and actionable view of the potential value opportunity as well as the risks and then stand by you delivering it.

A key part of our work is helping businesses to deliver ‘hard’ goals such as cost savings and revenue growth. However, equally important are some of the ‘softer’ issues such as communication, cultural assimilation and employee retention, which while vital in delivering and sustaining value, can often be forgotten amid the financial objectives of the deal.

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