Power in Indonesia

Investment and Taxation Guide – 4th edition

PwC Indonesia’s “Power in Indonesia: Investment and Taxation Guide” has been written as a general investment and taxation guide for all stakeholders and those interested in the power sector in Indonesia. It can be of use to existing investors, potential investors, and others who might have a more casual interest in the status of this economically critical sector in Indonesia.

In this fourth edition of the book, we have updated and expanded this year’s version to include more detail on Government’s plans and a more detail discussion on trends in the conventional and renewable energy sectors.

This publication is broken down into chapters which cover the following broad topics: 

  • an overview of Indonesia’s Power Sector;
  • an overview of the legal and regulatory framework;
  • a detailed look at IPP investment;
  • the use of conventional energy sources; 
  • a dedicated section on the use of renewable energy;
  • an outline of key tax issues; and
  • and outline of key accounting issues.