Oil and Gas in Indonesia

Investment and Taxation Guide ─ 8th edition

The eighth edition of PwC Indonesia Oil and Gas in Indonesia ─ Investment and Taxation Guide 2017 captures the latest tax and regulatory changes that have occurred in the oil and gas industry during the past two years. It has been written as a general investment and taxation tool for all stakeholders and those interested in the oil and gas sector in Indonesia.

Oil and gas production has a long and relatively successful history in Indonesia, with the sector historically characterized by its relatively stable and well-understood regulatory framework. In many years, including the development of the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) model and the commercialization of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Indonesia has been an international pioneer. However, the industry is arguably now in a transitional phase with a growing domestic need for gas (both for consumers and industrial use). Indonesia’s production and opportunity profile has also moved steadily away from oil and towards gas – a trend which may ultimately represent a permanent shift. The age of relative stability in this sector has probably passed.