At 14 airports under management: AP I forecasts passenger traffic to reach 5 million passengers

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Investor Daily - Di 14 Bandara Kelolaan: AP I Proyeksikan Lalu Lintas Penumpang Capai 5 Juta Orang

24 May 2019

By: Thresa Sandra Desfika

Jakarta — PT Angkasa Pura (AP) I forecasts passenger traffic at 14 airports under their management during Lebaran 2019 period will reach 5 million passengers. That number is an increase of 5% compared to the realisation of the same period last year with 4.57 million passengers.

Chairman of AP I Faik Fahmi said his company forecasted a 5% growth after coordinating with a number of airlines regarding airplane ticket purchases during Lebaran this year.

“This year [the number of] passengers during Lebaran grows by 5% from last year. I have been communicating with airlines, some claim the increase is 2%, and some others say 7%. So I figure this Lebaran airports under AP I management can have an increase of up to 5%,” revealed Faik in Jakarta, recently.

Furthermore, Faik mentioned flight ticket prices considered expensive by consumers probably wouldn’t have a significant impact towards the level of occupancy rate throughout the 2019 Lebaran.

“Do the tickets said to be expensive have any impacts? Airlines are optimistic that their aircrafts will still be occupied. Garuda stated that this year’s Lebaran was higher [in ticket demand] than last year’s and there was still the possibility to go even higher. Lion air has also seen higher [ticket demands] compared to last year,” said Faik.

To achieve smooth traffic during Lebaran 2019, AP I sets up a coordination post from 29 May to 13 June 2019. According to Faik, from his company’s calculations, the peak of 2019 Lebaran homecoming for air transport is predicted to fall between 30 May and 1 June 2019 and the return flow will peak from 9 to 10 June 2019.

“This [coordination] post is a form of commitment from us and relevant agencies to keep giving prime service in the midst of the passenger surge during Lebaran holiday so that the airport service users can still feel comfortable in the middle of a packed crowd forming at the airport,” said Faik.

He added that during this Lebaran, besides the coordination post, his company would also exempt airlines from landing charge and extended flight tariff from 29 May to 13 June 2019.

For Lebaran 2019, AP I has received 1,628 extra flight requests, especially for flights to Surabaya and Yogyakarta, even though that number decreased from 2018, which had 5,245 extra flights. “But the realisation of extra flights in 2018 was only 1,276 from the 5,245 requested, or only 24.32%,” he stated.

At the same place, the Director of Services and Marketing of AP I Devi W. Suradji explained, the extra flights during Lebaran from and to Yogyakarta from 06 AM to 6 PM WIB (Western Indonesian Time) would be served through the new Yogyakarta International Airport (YAI). While the extra flights after 6 PM would still be served in Adisutjipto Airport.

In addition, said Devie, her company had also extended the operational hours of two airports, namely I Gusti Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar and Juanda Airport in Surabaya, to 24 hours. “Especially in Denpasar, foreign airlines can enter and exit more easily with the Ngurah Rai Airport being opened for 24 hours,” explained Devie.


Lebaran Coordination Post

On the other side, AP I provides Integrated Lebaran Air Transport Coordination Posts at every airports (14 airport branches). This is one of the many forms of service and readiness of Angkasa Pura I in facing the homecoming and return flows of Lebaran 2019.

The Lebaran Transport Coordination Post will operate from 29 May (D-7) to 13 June (D+7) with a peak of homecoming flow from 30 May to 1 June and return flow from 9 June to 10 June.

This Lebaran Transport Coordination Post involves internal parties of PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero) such as officers from aviation security (Avsec), apron movement control (AMC), passenger service, airport rescue and firefighting (ARFF), data entry, information technology, facility readiness, equipment readiness, including external parties such as Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), Indonesian National Police (POLRI), Airport Authority of Indonesia (Otban), Airnav, Search and Rescue (SAR) team, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP), custom-immigration-quarantine (CIQ), airlines, and ground handling companies.

“This Integrated Lebaran Air Transport Coordination Post is a form of commitment from us and relevant agencies to keep giving prime service in the midst of the passenger surge during Lebaran holiday so that the airport service users can feel comfortable in the middle of a packed crowd forming at the airport. Apart from that, we are also committed to creating a comfortable, safe, and conducive environment during this Lebaran holiday,” said Faik.

In this Ramadhan, Faik said that his company had taken various measures to improve services  at the 14 airports, including the distribution of free takjil (light breaking-of-the-fast snacks) at the airport, music performance at selected airports, a nursery room, kid zone or playground that could be utilised by the passengers with children while waiting for their flight.


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