Kuala Tanjung Port becomes international hub

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Investor Daily : Pelabuhan Kuala Tanjung Jadi Hub International

19 August 2019

Jakarta – North Sumatra Kuala Tanjung Port is being prepared to be an international hub port, while Belawan Port will focus on serving domestic shipping. The preparation is in line with the plan that has been implemented since 2016.

“In line with the original plan, Kuala Tanjung Port will be integrated with the industrial estate and has been regulated with Presidential Regulation Number 3 of 2016 and Presidential Regulation Number 56 of 2018, whereas Kuala Tanjung international hub port and Kuala Tanjung industrial estate are two national strategic projects, and will be developed in an integrated manner in line with the study result that has been conducted,” Sea Transportation Director of the Transportation Ministry Agus Purnomo stated in his exposition in Jakarta on Monday (18/8).

He added that the Kuala Tanjung Port master plan which had been applied in Transportation Minister Decree Number KP 148 of 2016 would be the reference for construction, development, and port operation in the short term (2017 to 2021), medium term (2017 to 2026), and long term (2017 to 2036). Besides that, it also acts as a reference for control and supervision of all port activities, including construction, development, and operation regarding its accordance with the applied plan.

Kuala Tanjung Port is located in Kuala Tanjung Village in Sei Suka District which is in the East Coast of North Sumatra Province, and administratively a part of Batubara Regency.

According to Agus, the government and PT Pelindo I have taken a number of steps in the development plan of making Kuala Tanjung Port an international hub, including gradually transferring international route ships from Belawan Port to Kuala Tanjung Port.

“Besides that, access from and to the hinterlands will be served by trains and national roads that connect Kuala Tanjung Port with its surrounding area,” Agus said.

Kuala Tanjung is located at a very strategical position; I.e. Malaka Strait, which is one of the busiest commercial shipping routes in the world. Its water depth is around 15 metre lws (low water spring) to 1 metre lws and it has a trend of accommodating increasingly bigger international vessels, which make Kuala Tanjung Port very fitting to be positioned as an international export and import port.

Meanwhile, Belawan Port, which is located at an estuary with a high sedimentation rate, will evolve into a domestic port and a barging terminal for Kuala Tanjung.

“Currently, the condition of the built multipurpose terminal at Kuala Tanjung Port is capable of serving ships of 60,000 DWT (Deadweight Tonnage). This port will keep being developed in accordance with the international standards to improve its position as an international hub,” Agus stated.

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