Steven  Tanggara

Steven Tanggara

Director, PwC Indonesia


Which university did you go to?
What was your major?
  • Tarumanagara University - Economy, Accounting (SE)
  • University of Indonesia - Accountant profession degree (Ak.)
Is PwC your first job?
What did you learn during your first year at PwC?
  • I was in another big Four for a seven-month internship program prior to joining PwC.
  • During my first year at PwC, I learned how to perform basic audit procedures, e.g vouching, confirmation, physical inventory count, etc. In addition to this, my soft skills such as dealing with other people, interpersonal ability and negotiation skills were also honed.
What motivates you to come to work every morning? What interests you most at work?

What motivates me: Knowing that I work for the world’s leading professional services network, which also offers me the best learning and development opportunities. What interests me: You will have a different job/work to do during your career in PwC. You will serve various clients in various industries. You will travel a lot on business trips, ranging from big cities to remote areas. You will meet diverse people and cultures. In the end, I have learned that every day is a learning experience, which contributes to my own personal growth and development

What do you value most about your experience at PwC?

There are two things:

  • Working for PwC develops my passion to always make a difference for our clients and each other, constantly creating and adding value.
  • PwC always cares for the development of their employees. It provides me with opportunities to grow as an individual.
To you, how does the ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ apply to working at PwC?

During my work at PwC, I have experienced lots of visibility and exposure to the best opportunities: to grow and develop myself, to meet and work with highly talented people, and to effectively apply my knowledge and expertise. These opportunities support me in improving my skills and enhance my personal brand, which I believe will help me to achieve my dream as a successful professional.

What would be your top 3 tips for success for applying to PwC?
  • Always be a positive person
  • Dream big and project your success
  • Go the extra mile

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