Stephen Masran

Senior Manager, PwC Indonesia


What do you value the most about your experience at PwC?
  • Culture and people – an organization where you can experience diversity and dynamic environment, plus working with young people who broaden your perspective and enrich your business and global acumen.
  • Quality – a commitment to deliver an audit with more; by providing added value and helping the client to solve the problem in through various ways, e.g. expertise, technology, etc.
What motivates you to come to work every morning?

A belief that every day in PwC is a brand new day that offers you new experiences and opportunities to be explored. By taking the opportunities offered and experiencing new things, I will be able to continue to develop my capacity in every aspect; e.g. technical
and non-technical.

What are some key things that helped you achieve your career goals at PwC?
  • Being open and positive for every new experience and opportunity.
  • The courage and motivation to perform.
  • Build a professional relationship / networking with everyone.

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