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Arryu Amin

Arryu Amin

Manager, PwC Indonesia

Arryu is a manager in PwC Indonesia and one of the key members of the technical advisory team for the assurance group in the firm.

Arryu has over seven years of experience with PwC Indonesia. Arryu started her career as one of the financial assurance team and has over five years of experience in providing audit assurance services in the manufacturing and retail industries.

Education/professional qualifications:

Arryu obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Parahyangan Catholic University.

For the last two and half years, Arryu has been actively involved in the technical advisory team of PwC Indonesia. Arryu has broad experience in handling various complex accounting issues, impacts of new accounting pronouncements, GAAP Difference analysis, and the financial reporting aspects in the financial projections. Arryu is also actively involved in the preparation and development of training materials for both internal staff and external clients, as well as the delivery of this training.

Summary of key project experience:

  • Involved in the audit of financial statements of various Indonesia’s major companies.
  • Involved in the implementation of new accounting pronouncements (IFRS 15 and IFRS 16) for various industries in Indonesia.
  • Provided technical advisory and quality review for financial statements of various listed clients, especially clients from the mining and consumer and industrial sectors.
  • Regular facilitators for technical training program (e.g. IFRS Foundation, IFRS Update, PSAK Update, etc) for internal staff.
  • Facilitator for technical training programs for external client and events held by PwC.