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What did you learn during your first year at PwC?

People said that PwC is one of the biggest companies in the world. Others said that
PwC is the first Public Tax Consultant in the world. For me, PwC is my journey to
the future. My first year at PwC was so amazing. I am in the middle of a great community who always support me, cheer me up. I have learnt a lot, not only about the type of
work (i.e. compliance, due diligence, advice, dispute, etc) but also I learnt how to
deal with people (i.e. starting from your peers up to your partners). And now, I’m
here enjoying my fourth year in PwC as a Senior Associate 2.

To you, how does the ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ apply to working at PwC?

I absolutely agree with the words of ‘Opportunity of a lifetime’ for working at PwC.
This is because by working at PwC, I get to learn so many things that I never knew
before. Even my parents said that PwC is a great place for great people. PwC is not
always about working. We have a lot of activities together, i.e. outings, away days,
PwC Day, etc.

How would you describe what you do every day onthe job? Any examples of typical tasks you might do? Why do you find these tasks interesting?

I am a person who likes to do many types of work and I will get bored if I have to do the same task every day, every month. By working at PwC, I can get a lot of different work with a lot of clients, which I find so interesting. For example, compliance. Compliance work means we have to ensure that our client fulfils its obligations to pay and report its tax credit promptly. Even though the task looks simple and the same from month to month, I found that in compliance work we can see many typical transactions that are subject to several types of taxes too. By doing something as simple as compliance work, we can learn a lot. It makes the works interesting.

What was the most adventurous/memorable thing you have done in the last year with PwC?

If I have to choose what memorable or adventurous things happened last year, I would say it is when I had to manage around 20 clients at the same time with the same deadline (considering it is peak season for the tax division to submit the CIT Return). However, something that makes me still feel alive is the community there, who are my friends.

What are some key things that have helped you achieve your career goals at PwC?

Actually I do not have any special key to achieve my career goals in PwC. I have had coaching from my coach and I still use his words to keep myself up when I get down. He said: “Just do your best. You will get what you deserve.” And he meant it. When you do your best in any work that you do, not only at PwC but also in your daily life, whether you asked for any gift or whatever it is, you will get what you deserve. It may not be the time when you think you should get the gift but it will be somehow right at the time when you need it.

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