Hungarian Shared Service Center Survey 2016


This is the third time PwC Hungary has conducted a comprehensive survey of Shared Service Centers operating in Hungary. Similar to the surveys conducted in 2010 and 2013, we requested the leaders of Hungarian SSCs to complete a survey questionnaire that assesses various elements of their operation. 

Applying a globally consistent methodology provides us with the unique opportunity to benchmark the 2016 Hungarian results with the most current global trends and also to put the current-year Hungarian results into a historical context by comparing the current year responses with the outcome of local surveys conducted in the past. 


Key insights

Figure 2

When setting up their Shared Services, most organisations consider cost savings as the most important objective, followed by quality improvement and increased transparency. Less important factors include time reduction or the creation of a strong governance framework. There is no significant deviation between the Hungarian and the global results.

Similar to the previous surveys, we queried participants about the decisive factors in their selection of an SSC location. The current-year results remained very consistent with previous surveys. The Hungarian responses are also in line with the global results. The most crucial criteria remained the availability of skilled workforce. More than 29 % of Hungarian survey participants decided on the location primarily based on skills sets and language skills of staff. The second most decisive factor is obviously staff cost: 24% of Hungarian survey participants cited this as the most important item.

Figure 8

Despite the reported high level of staff satisfaction, turnover appears to have been increasing over the last couple of years in Hungary. Also it seems that recruiting experienced staff takes slightly longer in Hungary compared to the global average. The language skills of the average Hungarian SSC worker seem to be stronger than the global average.

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