Drone Powered Solutions

The business challenge

The client was planning to develop around 2,000 km of line infrastructure throughout the country, with more than 60 construction sites. 

Expectations regarding quality, timeliness and budget compliance were high, not only from the company itself but also from the regulator, financing parties and environmental groups.

Our approach

We proposed replacing in-person surveys with a drone supported end-to-end investment monitoring process, and weekly HD image capture from the investment sites using drones. 

To deliver industrial-grade products, we conducted geospatial data analysis and real time data processing to produce 3D models, followed by report delivery within 48 hours, over a simple browser-based interface.


We delivered full views of construction sites and real time progress monitoring, providing early warnings of delays and deviations with 1 cm accuracy. This product helped cut monitoring costs and improved the quality of surveying, providing impartial documentation for financing entities as well as potential litigation purposes. 

Drone powered solutions also improved environmental compliance, significantly reducing encroachment on protected zones, while increasing the overall safety of employees and contractors. 

Construction site surveys were 20 times faster than ground-based surveying teams. 

29% acceleration of work acceptance process, reducing unnecessary involvement of operational staff.

Implementation of drone technology in our development project significantly reduced the monitoring workload and cost, and also significantly increased the quality of our information about particular sites. We don’t want to stop here; we believe that together with PwC DPS we can develop a methodology to deploy drones in our daily operations.

Client, Site Manager

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