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Non-financial Reporting and Assurance

There is growing consensus that organisations, investors and governments can no longer rely solely on traditional financial information for decision making. Progressive organisations are integrating insights about their people, intellectual capital, important relationships and social impacts, as well as about natural capital considerations such as climate.

Sustainability reporting is a relatively new process, and it can be challenging to routinely report consistent, reliable, and complete data, especially given the increasing number of disclosure requirements, organisations, and awards bodies. This is where we can help by making sure that your organisation’s reporting data is credible and current.

Our services

We will help you overview your business activities from ESG perspectives

  • establish measurable sustainability objectives for financial, operational, and regulatory performance that align with your corporate strategy

  • identify operational sustainability improvements

  • incorporate ESG compliance (EU-CSRD) and opportunity analysis and strategies

  • identify the right disclosure frameworks to use and design these frameworks to be in line with your sustainability commitments, e.g. GRI, SASB, IIRC, etc.

  • identify, collect, improve and verify your ESG data collection opportunities, including information technology solution selection and implementation support

  • verify your reporting under best practices andor international standards

  • make submissions to sustainability indices and interpret submission questionnaires

  • identify ways to improve your sustainability ranking at ESG rating agencies and data providers

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Andrea Major

Andrea Major

Partner | ESG Compliance, PwC Hungary

Árpád Balázs

Árpád Balázs

Partner | Sustainable Financial Services, PwC Hungary

Anita Hatta

Anita Hatta

Partner | Sustainability Reporting, PwC Hungary

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