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Be aware of your impacts on Sustainability

Successful businesses need to focus on delivering value to shareholders and wider society, which means understanding their societal impacts beyond traditional financial metrics to answer questions such as:

  • How am I creating value for society?

  • What positive and negative impacts does my supply chain create?

  • Which impacts are the most significant and what is driving them?

  • What are the environmental, social and governance risks impacting my business?

  • What regulatory expectations I have to comply with regarding sustainability and ESG?

Our services

Impact analysis of the organization's activities

Impact screenings, maturity level benchmarking against peers and determining who the stakeholders are. Efficient formats for communication help you to prepare findings and recommendations in a form with which your internal stakeholders can engage.

As a result of the impact analysis of the company's operation, the management can obtain a better understanding of the social, environmental and governance impacts of the entity, while its financial results continue to grow. This allows management to compare strategies and investment decisions using quantified data and to get a comprehensive, complete picture of the impacts of the company's decisions. 

Sustainability reports are based on the mapping and analysis of impacts related to the operation of the organization:

  • Defining the goal and identifying potential problems 

  • Categorization and detailed analysis of relevant areas and topics 

  • Prioritizing the selected areas and topics by category

  • Validation of results of the analysis 

Embedding ESG risks in your Risk Management framework

PwC assists on improving existing risk management frameworks and implementing new solutions for including and monitoring climate change, environmental, social and governance risks in your business decisions, risk reporting and disclosures.

Climate related risks and scenario analysis

  • Climate change is on the radar of all forward-thinking business leaders. Rapidly changing policies, a developing market and evolving low-carbon technology make it essential that you future-proof your business.

  • We use different climate scenarios to help you assess your exposure to related risks and opportunities, and formulate risk management strategies, including decarbonisation and adaptation plans. We can help you respond to increasing regulatory, investor and public expectations to disclose your management of climate-related risks in line with the TCFD recommendations and the PRA supervisory statement.

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Andrea Major

Andrea Major

Partner | ESG Compliance, PwC Hungary

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Árpád Balázs

Partner | Sustainable Financial Services, PwC Hungary

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