Online data reporting

Choose PwC software solution to connect your invoicing system to the Hungarian Tax Authority for the real time reporting purposes!

From 1 July 2018, taxpayers ware required to supply data online to the National Tax and Customs Authority (“tax authority”) on invoices that are issued using invoicing software to Hungarian taxable persons and have a VAT content of at least HUF 100,000. The required data must be provided to the tax authority electronically, in a specified XML file format, immediately upon invoicing.

We understand that the new obligation creates considerable administrative burden for taxpayers. To reduce that burden, PwC’s IT and tax experts have developed an application to support online data reporting, based on the new system’s operational features (i.e., the XML structure of the required data, and the online invoicing system interface), which automates fulfilment of this new obligation.

The application stores the responses and unique IDs sent by the Tax Authority which data should be presented to the Tax Authority during a tax audit.

With the application, Companies are able to comply with this requirement swiftly and efficiently and can save the cost of internal development. We are happy to provide you with an accurate and personalized application to comply with the online reporting obligations.


Deák László

Deák László

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