The PwC EKÁER Tool is a software solution created by PwC’s developers and tax consultants that fully automates the completion of EKÁER reports.

The Electronic Road Freight Control System (“EKÁER”) launched on 1 January 2015 and modified on 1 March can greatly increase administrative burdens for many companies.

Our software solution is able to generate EKÁER reports from Excel-based ledgers and perform the necessary corrections in an automated manner, while simultaneously handling multiple users.

Additional features:

  • Search function for finding reports by EKÁER number, date, status, or vehicle registration number
  • Easy data modification
  • User-friendly, clean interface

Data is submitted through uploading / downloading XML files. For bulk uploads, PwC’s solution prepares an EKÁER report from the data and presents incorrect items in an easy-to-read format. You can use the software ‘out of the box’ immediately after you have placed your order. It requires no installation and can be run locally. You can duplicate our EKÁER Tool in an unlimited number of copies within your organisation, provided that the software is not modified. The application includes a source Excel file that will allow you to quickly and automatically fill out the details of your business partners using a drop-down list.


Deák László

Deák László

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Farkas Gábor

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