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02 July 2015 Subsidy alert - July

30 June 2015 No more deadline extension

27 May 2015 Chinese Companies Take Innovation Path in Efforts to Globalize

27 May 2015 Changing advertising tax rates

13 May 2015 Tax & Legal Alert - issue 536

08 April 2015 Global Economy Watch - May

07 May 2015 Managing cyber risks in an interconnected world

22 April 2015 Sporting Leaders Study on Legacy

22 April 2015 Water has moved to the top of the business risk agenda

15 April 2015 Significant changes afoot for Global Capital Markets

10 April 2015 GDP growth through a labour market lens

07 April 2015Food trust: increasing regulatory changes impacting the global food industry

03 April 2015Mandatory exchange of information between EU Member States on cross-border tax rulings

26 March 2015Tax & Legal Alert - EKAER Tool

17 March 2015What would a Greek ewxit mean for the Eurozone?

12 March 2015Hungarian CEO Survey 2015

What's new

Green light to the adoption of IFRS in Hungary

The most significant changes of the past decades has been brought within reach. According to the resolution, IFRSs will be adopted in a multi-stage procedure. For many companies adoption is optional from 2016, mandatory from 2017. These changes with historical significance in the national accounting and financial profession effects not only the financial reports required by law but other areas of economic life, too.

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Family businesses at crossroads

A quarter century after the fall of the Iron Curtain, family businesses in Central and Eastern Europe are at a crossroads. Overall, 61% of CEE family businesses plan to pass down ownership to the next generation at some point in the future, while 28% plan to sell or float the business. At the same time, many are looking to improve growth and profitability by expanding international sales, transforming operations, and investing in technology.

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Water presents high risk to business

At the current pace, demand for water will increase by 55% globally by 2050, projects the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This means that water has moved to the top of the business risk agenda - according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2015 - and is a major concern for society as a whole. With business sharing water with communities, industry, farmers and other users, securing the right quality and quantity of water at the right time is set to become a serious production and reputational issue.

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Chinese Companies Take Innovation Path in Efforts to Globalize

Leading Chinese companies are making innovation a strategic priority in their business models to stay competitive in global markets. Many Chinese business become successful innovators in the domestic market first and then go global, while others expand globally first and then invest in innovation for long-term development. Chinese companies continue to invest overseas; foreign direct investment by China rose to $108 billion in 2013.

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Taxation trends and changes in 2015 - morning seminar

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PwC Hungary in a striking new office building

PwC Hungary has moved into Eiffel Palace

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