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13 May 2015 Tax & Legal Alert - issue 536

08 April 2015 Global Economy Watch - May

07 May 2015 Managing cyber risks in an interconnected world

22 April 2015 Sporting Leaders Study on Legacy

22 April 2015 Water has moved to the top of the business risk agenda

15 April 2015 Significant changes afoot for Global Capital Markets

10 April 2015 GDP growth through a labour market lens

07 April 2015Food trust: increasing regulatory changes impacting the global food industry

03 April 2015Mandatory exchange of information between EU Member States on cross-border tax rulings

26 March 2015Tax & Legal Alert - EKAER Tool

17 March 2015What would a Greek ewxit mean for the Eurozone?

12 March 2015Hungarian CEO Survey 2015

19 February 2015Subsidy Alert - February

11 February 2015Will the shift in global economic power continue?

2 February 2015Europe’s loan portfolio market to top €100bn in 2015

30 January 2015Social Security in case of an assignment, reporting obligation

28 January 2015The balance between the economic succes and sustainable develpoment

23 January 2015Cafeteria is still a winner

22 January 2015Changes to the rules on R&D contribution

21 January 2015CEOs less optimistic about global economy for 2015

What's new

Water presents high risk to business

At the current pace, demand for water will increase by 55% globally by 2050, projects the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). This means that water has moved to the top of the business risk agenda - according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report 2015 - and is a major concern for society as a whole. With business sharing water with communities, industry, farmers and other users, securing the right quality and quantity of water at the right time is set to become a serious production and reputational issue.

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Significant changes afoot for Global Capital Markets

As global interconnectivity and ubiquitous access to financial markets increase, we see a world where well-functioning, deep capital markets are needed more than ever. The 'Capital Markets 2020: Will it change for good' report predicts a new equilibrium for global capital markets, the landscape, composition and dynamics of which it says will, come 2020, look very different to that of today. It urges players to prioritize responding to the aftermath of the financial crisis now, if they are to remain relevant in five years’ time.

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Global Economy Watch - Are global labour markets feeling the effects of the recovery?

Almost seven years on from the global financial crisis and a broad based global rebound remains elusive. But one of the most damning and tangible metrics of the crisis – the huge upturn in unemployment in the G7 – is moving decisively in the right direction in most economies. In simple terms, and at an aggregate level, there are more jobs in the G7 and E7 now than there were before the crisis. The April edition of PwC’s Global Economy Watchfocuses on the trends of the global labour markets. Access the report here:

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Building trust in food this World Health Day

WHO is promoting efforts to improve food safety on World Health Day, 7 April 2015. In recent months consumers have been alarmed by a number of food safety concerns, which is the reason that we think that food safety is a shared responsibility that needs confronting by industry and government to give people greater trust in their food.

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Hungarian CEO Survey

CEOs continue to be confident about their own companies' growth prospects, but are less optimistic about the global and Hungarian economic outlook. Nearly one-third of CEOs plan to enter a new industry, while more than 50% expect new competitors to emerge from other industries.

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Taxation trends and changes in 2015 - morning seminar

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