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Be addicted to IFRS!

Join us among the first! Apply gamification to change the behaviour within your organisation!

Would you like to take advantage of our brand new worldwide online training solution? Do you want to apply cutting-edge technology in knowledge management?

PwC experts developed an IFRS GAME, a learning solution which doubles your return on investment in learning and development. We launched the first module on IFRS 16 the new leasing standard.

Gamification of learning materials is an engaging experience for people working in business throughout the world.

It puts the learners in control, who become professional in IFRS without even noticing it. The game ranks the results in real-time, awards achievements thus creating a competitive environment in your organisation. It drives behaviour towards recognizing knowledge and endeavor. 

Playback of this video is not currently available

Playback of this video is not currently available

From today, our clients have less than two years to restructure major contracts and finalise their IFRS 16 implementation projects, so their workforce should be educated. Why not do it in a fun way?

The game runs for approximately 2.5 hours and can be accessed not just on computer but on tablet or smartphone as well.

„This is a game where you can compete with your peers and even your superiors. You have a chance to distinguish yourself. You do have the chance to win!”

You do not need a Learning Management System, the game operates on PwC Academy’s servers.

If your enterprise is interested in establishing this high-end learning environment, please get in touch with us!

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Krisztina Sótonyi

Krisztina Sótonyi

Senior Manager, PwC Hungary

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