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E-learning is one of the best ways to convey high-quality, consistent information within big corporations.

We can help you adapt your e-learning ideas to your business environment through our company-specific e-learning solutions and content development, and by creating complex e-learning programmes.

Our existing e-learning courses can be combined to meet clients’ needs and can be customized with company-specific elements and examples. In addition, we develop brand new e-learning content in finance, accounting, tax and law.

We make several of our training programmes available to corporate clients as blended learning. The PwC’s Academy E-learning Portal offers blended training programmes in which classroom courses use online training methods, or a combination of the two methods. Pre and post-course knowledge assessments, tests and electronic learning materials thereby support both complex and combined knowledge transfer while increasing the efficiency of traditional classroom training.


  • more efficient knowledge transfer with less cost;
  • reduced loss of working time;
  • customized tests and exams;
  • monitoring learners’ progress and dealing with training administration tasks.

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