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Are you looking for courses to help you become familiar with the international (IFRS) and Hungarian accounting standards required for your work so you will be able to apply them correctly? Would you like to acquire competitive knowledge of the domestic and international aspects of this topic? For a description of our e-learning courses and blended training solutions, see the sections below.

IFRS Foundations e-learning series - IFRS az alapoktól e-learning sorozat

Our IFRS courses contain interactive and focused training materials with numerous exercises. They offer the advantages and flexibility of online courses and - due to their interactivity, visuals and narration - they also preserve the personal features of classroom training.

The main objective of the e-learning series is to provide a comprehensive overview of the application of certain IFRS (IAS) standards to finance and accounting experts already familiar with fundamental accounting processes.

Our instructors - experts in IFRS - designed the professional materials according to the international accounting standards currently in effect. They made the curriculum more accessible by including practical examples and interim tests to help knowledge assessment.

The publication Illustrative IFRS Consolidated Financial Statements issued by PwC is part of the materials. In the e-learning courses, this publication is available in its entirety to enable learners to study it in detail. The publication describes the key elements of IFRS financial statements and aims to give guidance to both those who prepare the financial statements and those who use them. In addition to this publication, other relevant materials are also available in the e-learning courses, which can help learners understand the contents of the curriculum.

IFRS e-learnings in English (45-60 minutes)

Detailed description of IFRS e-learnings

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Treasury risk management and accounting - Treasury kockázatkezelés és számviteli elszámolás

The aim of this e-learning course is to introduce the basic purpose, processes and accounting of financial risk management, and give an overall view of the applicable financial instruments in risk management. The course introduces the method, pricing and accounting settlement of the most commonly used foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity derivative transactions. In this e-learning you will learn about hedging strategies, also the requirements of hedge accounting will be introduced to the students. In the hedge accounting section, participants are familiarized with the types of hedging relationships, their criteria, accounting steps, methods of effectiveness testing, elimination steps of hedging relationships and conditions of the documentation. The course gives an in-depth presentation of the differences between the final settlement of derivatives and Hungarian IFRS accounting as well. In addition, we present the EU EMIR regulation (EMIR). The e-learning material consists 16 modules, at the end of each module participants can test their knowledge with test questions.

Main topics of the e-learning:

  • Treasury Risk Management Overview
  • Identification of foreign currency risks
  • Overview of plain vanilla transactions
  • Hedging Strategy
  • Hedge accounting
  • Comparison of the Hungarian Accounting Law and IFRS
  • Hedge accounting standard draft
  • EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation)


Ervin Berki, FCCA, Treasury expert


205 minutes (16 modules)


Language: Hungarian



  • 2 | Chamber of Hungarian Auditors



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IFRS certified accountant (OKJ training)

Prepare with us for the introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Hungary, and obtain an IFRS certified accountant OKJ qualification in our practice-oriented course!

The IFRS certified accountant training in form of distance learning (55 344 05) is aimed at experts who are already familiar with accounting processes and who would like to expand their knowledge in the field of international accounting (IFRS).

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IPSAS (International Public Sector Accounting Standards)

It is a growing trend in Europe and the rest of the world that cash-based accounting is being replaced in public administration by accrual-based double-entry bookkeeping. More and more national and local governments and international organizations are switching to IPSAS-based accounting. By developing the knowledge of experts and executives, and forming their viewpoints, our objective is to help improve the operational efficiency of these institutions and organisations. We offer high-quality group learning opportunities and professional training courses in the fields of public finance accounting and the International Public Sector Accounting Standards.

Besides classroom training, PwC’s Academy offers its IPSAS courses to clients in the form of blended courses:

  • pre-course knowledge assessment (online tests)
  • providing basic accounting knowledge (e-learning courses)
  • classroom training modules
  • electronic learning materials, classroom training tutor notes saved in electronic format
  • IPSAS in a Nutshell, 220 pages, published by PwC

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