Online training solutions

PwC’s Academy E-learning Portal

Our e-learning courses and other online training and knowledge content are available to our clients through our e-learning system, managed and administered by PwC’s Academy.

Users can participate and follow their progress in courses in which they are enrolled through their own secure learning interface. The system enables them to interrupt and restart their learning process as their activity is constantly logged.

"Blended" training programs

The PwC’s Academy E-learning Portal offers blended training programmes in which classroom courses use online training methods and learning materials, or a combination of the two methods. Pre and post course knowledge assessments, tests, student forums and electronic learning materials thereby support both complex and combined knowledge transfer while increasing the efficiency of traditional classroom training.

Many of our open training courses are available in a blended form:

Training management

Courses are administered through PwC’s Academy’s web-based E-learning Portal. For corporate clients, PwC’s Academy prepares pre-arranged reports on learning activities, learners’ progress and evaluation. We will provide comprehensive assistance to our clients’ employees at every stage of the training project.


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