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We help you prepare for, respond to, and emerge stronger from unplanned events.

Protect your business value. Emerge stronger.

As the global landscape grows more complex and connected, companies are at threat of a sudden shock. It could be a corruption scandal that spreads globally, a data breach that shakes customer confidence, a dispute with a business partner threatening to erode value, or widespread fraud. With shock also comes opportunity. An incident managed well allows an organisation to take on riskier opportunities with the knowledge that future threats will be spotted and addressed quickly. As each client has different challenges, we can help you prepare, respond and emerge stronger from crises and other unplanned events.

Prepare – We help our clients to prevent fraud, economic crime and disputes; saving your business from both financial and reputational damage.

Respond – Financial and reputational impacts of crises create huge risk to brand, people, relationships and the bottom line. We respond with speed and conviction to address these risks, preventing further damage.

Emerge stronger – A crisis managed well can allow businesses to develop immunity. We work with our clients to not only recover from current crises, but also enhance their ability to learn and improve after unplanned events.

We help you with:

Bribery and corruption – often defined as abuses of power by people in positions of authority – remains one of the most prevalent problems impact global business today. It is estimated that more than US$1 trillion is paid each year in bribes globally, and that US$2.6 trillion is lost to corruption. That’s 5% of global GDP – and the true figure is probably even higher.

You need to square the greater risk landscape with the unique complexion of your organisation, considering your footprint, industry, third parties — and craft a compliance programme that balances risk, reward, and resources.

Our technology-enabled approach delivers meaningful insight, real time results, and sustainable opportunities for enhancement, so that you can protect what matters most: reputation and value.

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According to our 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey fraud and economic crime is on the rise, with 49% of organisations reporting being victims in the past 24 months.

You want to minimise and manage reputational, regulatory and financial risk - and the role of investigations is more critical than ever.

Our trained investigators leverage our collective investigative experience, leading technology tools, global reach and credibility with regulators to bring you insights with precision and speed . We are here to help guide you, acting as your trusted advisor.

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How are you using the power of global intelligence to drive decisions? Do you have the information needed at your fingertips to drive real-time actions?

As a business leader, you must rely on intelligence for all critical decision making  – whether projecting into new markets, reshaping strategy, making acquisitions, hiring key personnel, pursuing new business, or responding to a crisis. Leaders are empowered to make better decisions when they are informed by relevant, up-to-date, reliable intelligence.

We can help you assess the regulator, reputational and security threats to your brand so that you can move confidently ahead.

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According to the CEO Pulse on Crisis, 65% of CEOs believe that their business faces more threats today than three years ago; and over half are concerned about their readiness to respond to a crisis.

We know that some crises may be anticipated. Some unlikely. And some are simply impossible to foresee.

While you won’t always know what will happen, or how things will play out, you can trust our team to help you prepare for, respond to, and recover from a crisis. So you can confront it, withstand it and emerge stronger.

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Establish facts. Analyse the issues. Assess the damage. Develop a dispute resolution approach. Manage insurance claims. It sounds simple, but it can be time-consuming and costly to tackle this on your own.

You may need advice on litigation, arbitration, mediation, expert determination, regulatory matters and insurance claims – nothing is too big or too small.

No one business is the same, so when a dispute or insurance claim arises we work with you, drawing upon our sector experience to develop an approach and provide objective advice.

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How are you digitising your data and documents?

More data brings more opportunities - but also more risk.  Changing laws and policies relating to data mean that traditional approaches to data and information governance need an enhancement.

In an inquiry, investigation or a crisis the cost of not knowing how to handle information and how to operate compliantly can be costly. You need to make quick decisions.

We make your information work for you. We can help you succeed with data-driven innovation that can flex and evolve with changing rules, regulations, and global market expectations.

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Featured Insight

PwC’s 2018 Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey finds that 49% of global organisations say they’ve experienced economic crime in the past two years.

But, what about the other 51%? Have they avoided falling victim – or do they simply not know about it?

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