The New Equation

Creating solutions to solve the world’s most important problems.

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Multidisciplinary perspectives, powered by technology - uncovering, untangling and understanding the world.

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Innovative mindsets combine with smart technologies - moving beyond the tried and tested. Our community of solvers brings new approaches and relentless curiosity to each new challenge. Together, we are building trust and delivering transformation that works.

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Lasting results that make a difference.

Nothing is simple in our world today. When the rules of the game are no longer obvious, you need to see beyond today to build results that create value for you, your people, your stakeholders and the communities where you live and work.

Solvers at Work.

Creating solutions to untangle some of the world’s most complex problems, helping our stakeholders to build trust and deliver sustained outcomes. Meet PwC’s Solvers at Work.

PwC's Centre for Nature Positive Business

PwC's Centre for Nature Positive Business unites more than 500 nature specialists from across our network to help businesses and governments transition to a nature positive and net zero future. It brings together knowledge across the whole spectrum of nature, including biodiversity, water forestry, regenerative agriculture and geospatial analysis. The people, the approach, the technology used and our relationships with other organisations are all part of our focus to make climate actions count.

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PwC India - The Solvers Challenge Team

The Solvers Challenge is PwC's annual global innovation challenge to inspire and engage the network to collaborate on innovative solutions. PwC India’s commitment and approach to The Solvers Challenge has resulted in a cultural shift and focus on encouraging innovation and supports a Digital Storefront with solutions to help clients scale their businesses more efficiently. Here’s their inspiring story.

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PwC’s Metaverse Team

For over a decade, PwC’s global community of solvers has been researching, experimenting and advising organisations on emerging technologies related to the metaverse. Today, we bring our deep experience and a multidisciplinary view to the next set of digital environments, platforms and technologies that will change the way we communicate, connect, and work.

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Looking at problems from new angles to uncover new solutions.

Build trust to protect and power your business.

Trust. It’s inherent to our everyday lives and essential to keep us evolving. Making for healthier markets, fairer societies and a greener planet. And yet, trust is harder to achieve and easier than ever to lose. From GenAI to climate change, organisations are having to reassess the fundamental drivers of value. Focusing on what matters to all stakeholders; showing that you’re doing what’s right, and doing it well.

So let’s get to the heart of where you need to build it for this changing world – to protect the business you are, while powering the business you can be.

Make your climate actions count.

The global effort to stop climate change has picked up support – and yet much more work needs to happen, at a greatly accelerated pace. Whether businesses are starting out on their journey or have targets in place, many are unsure how to create a value-focussed action plan – that delivers in the near term – whilst building the capabilities they’ll need to thrive.

We appreciate that you can’t respond to every market shift. You need to make your actions count, from conversations to commitments. We’ll help you target for maximum results by focusing on the changes that make the biggest difference; from how you operate and innovate to re-energising for the future. Making climate actions count – by delivering, sustained, sustainable outcomes that create real value – building trust with everyone who’s counting on us.

Reinvent your business model and meet the future.

Challenges are converging and disruption is the norm. 45% of CEOs expect that their organisations will not be economically viable within a decade. They need help to turn barriers into opportunities – and understand the right formula for change. From the environment to tech it’s less about each disruption. And, more about creating the right foundation for whatever’s next – whether that’s reinventing your business or building the ongoing capability to evolve.

From shaping new service offerings and expanding into new digital products – it’s about finding new ways to make money, differently. With the right strategy, structure, culture and tech, we can help you reimagine how you create, deliver and capture value. So you always lead through disruption.

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We are a community of solvers.

At PwC, you’ll join an unexpected mix of people who combine human ingenuity, experience and innovative tech. Coming together with diverse perspectives to solve the world’s most complex problems.

Join our community of solvers

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PwC's global strategy for how we solve important problems facing the world — today and tomorrow.

It reflects fundamental changes in the operating environment faced by clients and stakeholders, including technological disruption, climate change and fractured geopolitics.

That’s The New Equation.

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